Monday, November 29, 2010

Change of Pace

Remember back in the days, when pacers had fades, gazelle shades, and corn braids? Remember Ron getting splashed? Remember how many times you watched JO 1-punch that fat pistons fan into obscurity?? I do. It was a lot.

As fun a night as that was, what it lead to can only be described as miserable. Record long suspensions, a roster of head-cases and a big man whose body aged faster than his mind lead to a gradual, but disgustingly obvious downward spiral, ultimately landing them in lottery limbo. Not good enough for the playoffs, not bad enough for a top pick and not attractive enough a spot to attract big name UFAs, Pacer mgmt nearly lost their world-class fan base to local HS ball.

But like the opening line suggests...
things done changed.

Despite not having a top 5 draft pick since they drafted
Rik Smits at #2 in 1988, the Pacers front office has managed to build a roster that has a lot of people taking notice. From a fantasy perspective, they came into this season touting a first round talent in Granger (Drafted 17th overall in 2005... right after the Raptors invested in Joey Grahm) and a potential sleeper PG in Collison (aquired in four team trade giving up Murphy, who has been injured, and is coming off a career year, and may suck) and C in Hibbert (acquired from TO in the JO trade). But realistically, few people were projecting them to be a legit playoff caliber team, even in the weak eastern conference.

Don't let their underwhelming 8-7 record fool you, they've been going hard. They're coming off a very impressive win in LA vs the Lake-show, they blew out the Nuggets and the Heat and took care of business when they faced Charlotte, Philly, the Clips and Cleveland (twice in two weeks... im not going to pat them too hard on the back for these wins). Their losses came at the hands of the Spurs, Bucks, Rockets, Hawks, (76ers), Magic and their most recent loss came in OT vs the Thunder. Thats pretty damn tough...Russel Westbrook what the fuck. Their average margin of loss was 9 pts, ignore the inexcusable 26 pt loss to Philly, and it drops to 6. As long as they keep beating the bad ones (they're going to face a lot of them in the East) and play the good ones tough, they'll be there come playoff time.

So far this season, they've shown a clear intention to make post play a major part of their offense (with Hibbert operating effectively out of the high and low posts). Add to that a smart back-court with tremendous passing abilities (Collison is squeaky polished and Dunleavy is a coach's son), and the result is that they're getting everyone on the court involved and not demanding too much out of any one player. The climax of this potential was on display during the record quarter against the Nuggets.

With significant contributions from not only their big 3, but also from glue guys like Brandon Rush, TJ Ford and Mike Dunleavy this team will be fun to watch the rest of the season and into the playoffs.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday 5: Deep League Pick Ups

The Bear likes it deep. Deep like a account. The bear has no use for players like Kyle Lowry, Shaquille O'Neal or Brandon Rush because those players were picked up months ago. Here is a quick look at the waivers in one of the Bears deeper leagues:

Bone Chilling, I agree. So who are some deep league specials that can help you contribute?

5. Ben Wallace C
Owned: a shocking 22%
Big Benny's clock keeps on ticking and he keeps starting for the Pistons. He still collects 7+ rebounds and he still contributes about a block and a steal a game. He's turning the ball over about as much as he did in his Detroit prime but at least he isn't doing enough from the field to hurt you.
Worse options/owned: Tiago Splitter 25%, Robin Lopez 37%, Brendan Haywood 35%, Demarcus Cousins 70%

4. Jordan Hill PF
Owned: 2%
Jordan Hill is locked in behind a rotation of Yao Ming, Brad Miller, Chu
ck Hayes and Luis Scola in Houston but has proven that he can score effectively if given enough time. He's missed but one free throw on the year and is shooting 58% on four shots a game. Not exactly roto game changing numbers but if the Rockets continue to struggle, Hill could push 24+ minutes and start to show people why he was drafted by the Knicks back in 03'
Worse options/owned: Zaza Pachulia 5%, Austin DayesINN 7%, Anthony Randolph 47%

3. Nick Young SF
Owned: 11%
With injuries to Al Thornton, Yi and John Wall, a little PT opened up for Nick Young the last couple weeks and he's made the most of it by averaging career highs in scoring (
11.8) and FG% (50%!) Carving out 25+ minutes in multiple games so far this season, fantasy pundits have gone so far as to call Young the next Magic Johnson. Actually He'll be more like a Micheal Jordon/ Wilt Chamberlain cross, but with more triple doubles and sexual conquests. What are we talking about again? ahh, there's my beer.
Worse options/owned: Al Thornton 18%, Marvin Williams 21%, Terrence Williams 28%, Shawn Marion! 56% suck it!

2. Thabo Sefalosha SG

Owned: 7%
He's starting, he plays 30+ minutes a games and he thieves like he's got a checkered past. His %'s won't hurt you and he doesn't turn the ball over. I wanted to do JJ Redick here, but I've got Vince Carter in one league and didn't want to jinx him,
Worse options/owned: Marcus Thornton 30%, Leandro Barbosa 36%, JR Smith 53%

1. Ty Lawson PG
Everything! He's a beast!
Owned: 14%
Ty Lawson sports starting numbers of 16.7/5.5, 1 stl, 1 3 and with father time giving Chauncey one last reach around, the time for Lawson could be now. The time to grind is also now.
Worse options/owned: Jarret Jack 41%, your mom 10% she's got weak handles

Next Up we take a look at NBA haircuts! How will Gallinari's "Rooster" affect your %s? If Scola goes short will his rebounds be next? Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nice Work Ger-Bear!

Gerald Wallace November 26th, 2010
21 pts, 14 rebs, 4 ast, 3 stls, 2 blks, 2 treys

I've always liked Charlotte for fantasy, kinda the way Football GM's like Peyton Hillis. OK, it's true, I have a fantasy football problem (although it certainly isn't Hillis whom I located on the wire in week 2 and has since morphed into a beast). But enough about me and my love affair with white running backs, let's talk Gerald.

Like I said, I've always had a good feeling about the Bobcats fantasy implications, and alot of that has to do with Gerald Wallace. AKA Crash. More commonly known to us here as Ger-Bear. Just a healthy platter of all kinds of stats and sexy highlights. The aforementioned line from Nov 26th is just a taste of what the modern day fantasy matrix is capable of, heavy scoring, uncontrollable rebounding (although after a career year last year he's slowed down on the boards), a handful of assists, some solid defensive stats (combined 2.5 this year) as well as almost a 3 ball per game. Impressive. I wont lie to you and say he's a great shooter, in fact last night he went 6-21 for 28% from the field, and yeah, he did have 3 TO's. In fact he has an abundance of TO's this year, 47 in total. We all knew it would go down like that though, saying Gerald Wallace isn't going to give the ball away needlessly almost 3 times a game on average is like saying that 1 in 3 men are going to die like this.

The point is Gerald is awesome, only injury should prevent a highly sexual smorgasbord of shit like this. And as for Charlotte, Stephen Jackson will be Stephen Jackson, he'll take a shit ton of shots (and he's been inclined to connect with more than 6 of 21 but that can't/won't stop Ger-Bear). Boris Diaw has been playing solid, putting up fantasy viable lines of a slightly less-awesome nature than Gerald, but should still be started. And call me a Fantasy Atheist if you want, but I do NOT believe in Tyrus Thomas, he's the pure definition of up & down. But Geraldo Wallvera shows no signs of slowing down, even when the shameless shooting and scoring isn't present, the peripherals certainly are.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's getting Dark(o) in here

Just the way Milicic likes it. After being a metaphorical punching bag for all sorts of fantasy hate for as long as we've known him, November 2010 was the start of what the International Fantasy Cartel are dubbing the 'Yugoslavian Block Party'. 47 blocks on the year, Darko now leads the league. Since November 14th his blks per game look a little something like this:
Nov 14th - 3
Nov 15th - 4
Nov 17th - 3
Nov 19th - 6 !!!
Nov 22nd - 3
Nov 24th - 5

Sexy eh. Sexy like this..... Whoever that is, im sure she's now Darko's wife.

He's holding his own on the boards too, pulling down decent numbers despite super freak Kevin Love's self made pact to get 20+ a game. We've never seen anything like this from Milicic before, he's averaging 22pts in his last 3 games as well. Don't mind the turnovers, they'll fuck ya good (7 last night!), but things finally took a turn for the better for owners of the Yugoslavian. Chances are he's already been scooped from the wire in your league, because at the Bear, we like to bring you old, aging news, but if Darko's still available, you know what to do.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nice Work, Landry Fields!

Landry Fields, after having a strong summer league/pre-season, won his way into the Knicks starting line-up. 3 games into October, he won his way into our hearts. Posting an 11/7 on sound percentages, he's since proceeded to keep company with high efficiency and occasionally break bread with counting stats. Kelenne Azuibuke could cloud the picture on his return but Mike D really seems to like Carl "Landry" Fields.
Add in some STAT, a career fantasy year from Ray Felton, a little creme fraiche, baby, you got yourself a stew going!

Get Fucked OJ Mayo!

OJ Mayo on the other hand has played himself onto the bench with his tardiness and horrible shooting slump. After a relatively hot start, MoJay has dropped to 13 PPG on 38% shooting form the floor. What a cunt.

Channing Frye : We drafted, We dropped, We picked back up

Oldest story in the book. Goofy looking, untrustworthy, lanky, "C who shoots 3's" is drafted at an average of 78th pick in Yahoo! leagues, because, well, C's who shoot 3's are awesome. Said baller (Channing Frye) is then dropped , almost instantaneously due too craptacular play, reduced minutes, lack of starting spot and undoubted personal resentment heeded by fantasy GM. Then the inevitable monkey wrench is that goofy looking "C who does not shoot 3's" (Robin Lopez) who assumed original ballers starting role gets injured and thus, not only does (R.L.) get even shittier, said Center (C.F.) regains starting spot and puts up 9.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, 1.5 threes. Classic childrens tale of our time.

Is Daddy viable?

Red sky in the morning, Justin Bieber take warning. Red sky at night.... Daddy's delight. Fuck, or something like that. 2 biggies in a row from Shaquille? After settling into the mediocrity of 'the last few years', then spending 5 games sitting early on this year nursing an old man injury, Big Aristotle showed brief signs of life Monday against a severely poor outing by the not-so big 3 in Atlanta (Joe, Josh and Al). Nothing major from Daddy, but 13-11 is alot to ask of him on a nightly basis so I'm cool with that. He added 75% fg and an uncharacteristic 50% ft as well.

And tonight, well so far Brook Lopez can't contain the madness. As it stands, 24-9 with a steal. 90% from the field and the big man is again over 50% from the line. Who cares right? Well, probably most people. I personally have Diesel on the bench in 2 leagues, because I like to think I'm not desperate, although I was just starting to ask myself why I had abandoned these teams to the fate of a terrible bench? (K, seriously, now he's 25-9 cause he just drained another free throw). Most people scored Daddy in deep leagues for a quick, cheap fix of rebounds and news notes that generally dont have much to do with actual fantasy basketball, but with Kendrick Perkins likely dead, or kidnapped in someones basement, and Jermaine'O Neal (no relation to Aristotle) totally immersed in shittiness, this whole Shaq thing might pan out. At least till he runs out of icy hot patches.

It can't be 93/94' every night.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker: The Animated Adventure

Blake Griffin: the Teddy Roosevelt of Dunkers

Big ups to Blake for Scoring 44 points against the Knicks a few days ago. Theo Roosevelt was afflicted by asthma, Blake Griffin suffers from atrocious free throw shooting. One fought corruption, the other fights to keep your rebounds afloat. They're practically the same person.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oden Report: Done for Good

Greg is so brave. Were so proud of the big guy. After all even though the Trailblazers denied him a contract extension, he stuck in there, smiling pleasantly, disillusioning fantasy GM's with promises of imminent return. (OK maybe not so imminent, maybe a few months/years). And even now, when thousands upon thousands of GM's whose patience is shot drop him to the lowest end of the waiver wire, he's still smiling. So brave. Good on you Greg, enjoy the rest this season, we'll see well probably fucking never.

Theres nothing left for Oden now but countless hours spent in front of the mirror taking pictures of his nether regions.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Salma Hayak might still be starting Nazr Mohammed this week.....

....but I'm not. Nope, not a chance. Sure, he's having a block party this year, posting rejection numbers of 2-4-2 in the last 3 with a total of 16 on the year, and sure, I bet the block party would be super fun, ice cream cakes, paper mache' bean shakers and fancy sparklers, and Salma would probably be there, but spicy Mexican princesses aside, Mohammed isn't starting roster material. At least not in the fantasy universe. We all saw how Nazr shook up Al Jeff and Utah on November 13th with a bestial 22-20 with 4 aforementioned blocks, and we probably wont forget that any time soon, at least Salma wont, based on this picture it looks like she even had his baby. But to me, Nazr Mohammed is kind of like contemporary rock legend Kim Mitchell, at first he's catchy, soothing and downright satisfying to get down with, but it doesn't take long to get totally shitty and annoying. Although Nazr is definitely OVER achieving at the moment, my boy Kim is rock solid all the time.

So if the question of the day is "should I start this asshole?", then I would tell you to pass.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eva Longoria Files for Divorce: Fantasy Impact

Well it looks like splitsville for Tova Parkgoria as Eva filed for divorce this morning. She recently found out Tony "has been exchanging personal texts with a mutual female friend for nearly a year — hundreds in just one month." It's a sad day for the Spurs guard as his unbelievably hot housewife will be moving on to bigger and better things, while he tries to squeeze every last bit of championship batter out of the aging cookie dough that is Tim Duncan. But how will this affect Tony on the court? Will he be able to continue with his career best clips of 2.2 steals, 86% free throw shooting and 7.7 assists? Fuck No! Tony has started the season way above his head and this will only serve to cloud his judgement on the court.

Tim Duncan in the post
: Tony, I'm Open!

Tony: I wonder if they'll kill off Gabby on desperate housewives?

Mario Lopez court side: Tony! I'm enjoying your wife!

Tony: *passes to Tiago Splitter on the bench*

Two years ago, TP had elevated himself to near 5th round status as he was dishing a fair amount and shooting 50% on 18 shots a game. Fuck! I drafted him last season! He then proceeded to miss 27 games and find himself sitting near pick 90-100 in most drafts done this year. Don't let the hot start fool you, Tony might eclipse a steal a game this year, but not by much. Not if Eva has anything to say about it. Sell! fer gods sake! Sell High!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jason Thompson is a miserable douche.

Should I fight Jason Thompson?? Seriously, should I fucking fly to New York and wait for him outside after Wednesdays game and notify him that I have some concerns about his spot on my fantasy roster? In 09/10 this clown was averaging 31 min a game and 12.5 pts, 8.5 rebs and a rejection. Not exactly big money, but not scoff able from the sophomore. This year, this bloody year.... Jason is frantically tugging out 5 and 4 with 0.4 blocks on a grisly 12 min of playing time. Serious regression. Douche alert Jason, fucking serious douche alert. Sacramento isn't exactly fantasy central when it comes to the mindsets of most GM's, but someone needs to step up. Carl Landry could do it, he just doesn't wanna. And as far as big men in Sacramento go, im really not sure where Samuel Dalembert ends and mediocre begins. This is Thompson's 3rd year, it's time to buck up or become another Marvin Williams. Faceless, unknown, underachieving, and pretending to be happy when he's really super sad. Oh wait, it might be too late for Jason.

Saturday, November 13, 2010



Numbers that stand for pure fantasy euphoria. Last night K-Love exploded the minds of the fantasy community, and in the process reached divine fantasy status.
The first 30-30 game since Moses threw one up in 82'. The Knickerbockers starting five out-rebounded Love by a single board, and were otherwise left feeling pillaged and plundered. If Kevin Love were to take a picture of himself every day over the entire season, by the playoffs he would have morphed into this. K-Love now has games of 20-20 (23-25-5 2 tres and a blk) and 30-30 (31-21-5-1-1) on the season. Keep in mind that his averages of 18 and 14.6 come in only 29 minutes a game. His 36 per averages include a flabbergasting 22pts 18reb 1tre, half a blk and stl. If evil super-genius Kurt Rambis were to be more liberal with Love's minutes, he would likely be a top 5 fantasy player. However, an early rift between the two has disintegrated into a relationship of hate and paralyzing fear. Maybe the Rambo-Love tension will ease, and K-Lo will assume the 35-40 minutes a game he deserves. He and Mickey Bease, who's also freaked out for 77pts over his last 2, should continue to eat well in Minnesota.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paul Millsap to Big 3: Get Fucked!

Millsap to Okur: Your next!

Wade to Fantasy Gms: Go get assists elsewhere!

Paul Millsap tore Miami a new butthole last night, going off for 46 points, 9 rebounds and...three 3's...?...with the help of an overtime period. Apparently the guy that passes him the ball is pretty good too as he posted 21/14 with a 3 of his own. The lines just keep betting and better for fantasy Millsap owners as he'd already posted more double doubles than Lebron James before cutting up this one with a razor and railing it all over the Miami dance floor. Al Jefferson has struggled with his shot so far, hitting an un-Al Jefferson-like 42% to start the year and perhaps it will be him? and not Paul to feel the crunch when the Turkish giant returns from his slumber. I've always liked the Jazz. Deron Williams seems like the kind of pg who could lead his team to victory if he just had some damn help.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Robin Lopez is a Rapist!!!!

...of your Field Goal percentage!

Charges were laid today against Phoenix Suns starting center Robin Lopez after an incident Friday November 5th against the Memphis Grizzlies. Allegations have been brought up against Lopez regarding rape. Reports say that after being under suspicion for going 1 for 6 from the line on Nov 3rd against the Spurs, Lopez again went 0 for 2 from the field Friday night, while 61% of GM's in Yahoo! leagues started the center. The Federal Law in Arizona classifies these repeated offenses as "Rape of FG%". Sources say that lately Robin Lopez hasn't just been wasting roster starts, he's been raping them, running them over, and leaving them for dead in a ditch. Kinda like what Tiger Woods did to the American Bible Belt's dream of having him as a wholesome, hard working, god fearing role model for today's youth.

The Bear is committed to the safety and well being of Fantasy GM's throughout the world, and behaviour like that of Robin Lopez's will not be tolerated. We'll keep you up to date as the story progresses.

Zach Is Back!

Fantasy GM's, dope smokers, Eddie Winslow fans and 20-10 stat enthusiasts are happy as punch currently as Zach Randolph starts settling into his usual antics. Saturdays performance against Sacramento, and Zach's 2nd game back after bruising his tailbone in the season opener October 27th, gave fans a little glimpse of what to expect from the alleged pot dealer this season. With Zach being a heartless, seasoned 20-10 vet since 2004 give or take, and Memphis being a hot young and bothered upstart team (almost like a mini OKC) it's safe to assume fans certainly can expect roto-lines of a beastly nature from Zachielle O'Neal throughout his spells of good health. Zach's got Marc 'the future' Gasol to share time in the paint with (although Zach primarily rocks the PF spot) but these 2 Grizzly Bears have never had a problem sharing production. As well, when Zach played for Portland and NY he was inclined to bomb a lot more treys. Now in Memphis he's tried to focus more on points in the paint, and his FG% has improved roughly 5% in the last 2 years, sure theres no sporadic 3 balls showing up on your nightly lineups, but that just means Zach is spending more time twisting doobs and then hunting and gathering peripherals like that steal a game.

Zach agreed to have the bear over for the weekend at his Memphis home to document and research his preperation rituals before a team roadtrip. Below is a photograph taken yesterday afternoon.

I love that guy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Derrick Rose is a bad man

He's a bad man, but all the children love him because he loves candy.

Also check out this filthy october NBA mix, posted on one of my favorite blogs Empty the Bench. They also give you the crib notes for week 1 of the NBA here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Embracing john Wall: A Bold prediction

We here at the bear are a fun-loving, dress up on Halloween, fantasy basketball type crowd and nothing says that more than John "Von" Wall averaging 23/10 with 4 steals after 3 games. Sure the pundits might say he's also handing out 4.7 To's a game and has only played defensive juggernauts Jameer Nelson, Mike Bibby and Jrue Holliday so far....AND the zombie Arenas has yet to rear his ugly head but have you seen him play? Doesn't it feel right? Kid is a game changer. (I call him kid because he makes only slightly more money balling than I do blogging, it's something we share) As the season is young, it could be a bit pre-mature to dub Wall a top ten pick next year, but fuck it, here goes: You will be taking JohnJohn in the first round next year and you will be punting turnovers and FG%. You'll embrace John like a mother bear embraces it's cubs. And you will like it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rajon Rondo - He Came to Play

What kind of monster completes 17 assists without a single turnover? What kind of sick bastard would steal the spotlight from a studly young gentlemen like John Wall on his big night (Nov 2nd - 29pts, 13ast, 9stl, 8to)? Any fantasy GM with Rajon Rondo on his/her roster has probably already decided for themselves that the assist category belongs to them this year. And based on last nights performance, ballers rocking leagues where assist/turnover ratios count, are certainly building up Rondo to be some sort of Fantasy Viagra after his 17/0 run in said category. Rondo's managed to slip into the top 10 leaders in steals after just 4 games, and is holding tight a walloping 67 assists on the year (that's more assists than stalwarts like Amare, Maggette and even CB4 have points).

Clearly, and especially with the brand new addition of Shaq & Jermaine at the C spot, Rondo is the youth of the team, though he spends his days eating supper at 4pm and getting to bed by 7pm, living the life of his old ass teamates, fitting in, settling down, and trying not to feel it too hard. Sure, some people say he's a whiny little bitch. Other people say that despite being a whiny little cunt that he'll soon be the leader in Boston, cause everyone else is 100 years old, and KG's lost his mind.

Either way, if he emerges as the sole franchise player, or if Ray Allen keeps his streaky 3pt rampages alive and Paul Pierce keeps driving the lane for respectable leadership like numbers, Rondo and his 24 assist games might be the proverbial Fantasy Viagra these dirty old men in Boston need to get it up.... err... I mean win games.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nice Work Conley!

Steals and Blocks
It's easy to loose perspective early on, like the 300lb girl wearing a mini-skirt at KFC ordering 60$ worth of Double-Downs while bitching on her cell phone that the lowly employee gave her a regular pepsi rather than a diet pepsi. Or like anybody from Dauphin MB who drinks 22 Bud Lights (on account of the light alcohol precentage) then puts back a single glass of water before bed to kill the imminent hang over of the next morning. Having said that, perspective judgement or not, its sometimes more fun just to ride the wave and praise the fool.

Mike "Motha-fawking" Conley is currently on top of the steals game, with 11 so far, 7 of which were thefted during saturday (oct 30th) nights monstrous defeat of the Timberwolves. Mr Mike threw down a highly respectable 14pts 7rebs 11ast 7stls and 1 trey. By now its always kinda been apparant Conley is a 2nd half pony (maybe a last month and a half pony, but lets not loose our perspective), he's never really started a season strong till now, so is it time to sell high on ConAir? I wouldn't hold my breath for a full season of this shit, but his current trend is to improve as the year progresses.

It's no surprise that greasy J-Smooth is leading the league in blocks up till now (with a tasty 13 rejections in just 3 fucking games), what is however surprising is D-12's absence in the top 35 blocking leaders. Sure, homeboy's only played 2 games, and sure he has indeed clocked 4 rejections in said 2 games, but look at the mafuckas outblocking Dwighty so far. Darko? 10 blocks - 3 games? Don't get me started, I dont even want to acknowledge the guy. JaVale Mcgee put on a show for Josh Smith (and presumably Dwight) against Atlanta saturday with 7 bangers, while useless Ronny Turiaf is blocking out of control in the 'Don Nelson Free Zone.' Don't doubt that Superman is gonna block, he's gonna board, block and knock up cheerleaders on the reg this year. Possibly all the way to a championship, but if your pissed and you want to call this a slow start, get funky with Joel Anthony, who blocked 4 shots to go along with his solitary point sunday against the Nets. I heard Kim Kardashian was there.

Next up, Kim herself weighs in on Sheldon Williams gobbling up 37 boards in 3 games, can he keep it up? We'll see what Kim says.

Early Under and Over Achievers: Over

3 games in and things are looking good for a lot of the leagues young elite: Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Russel Westbrook, Monta, Roy Hibbert, Rondo, Millsap and Young, 30 year old "sweet dancing" Lou Scola. Is anybody playing above theyse head though? Let's have a look:

Over Achievers:

1. Mike Conley: 3.7 Steals

Sure, he's got sick handles and the Grizzlies are as young and sexy an upcoming team you'll find this side of Oklahoma, but MCs 3.7 steals over his first 3 games is unsustainable!
He got a massive #s boost with a 7 steal performance against the likes of Luke Ridnour and Sebastian Telfair.

2. Wilson Chandler: 6 stls/blks/3s

Nu huh! Chandler is sick brah! Perhaps, but not to the tune of 20/10 with buckets of supporting stats. Sure Wilsons good, but not this good. Even in a fantasy friendly system like the New York D'antoni's. In the battle of the Chandlers though, Wilson is fantasy on top.

3. Luis Scola: 27/14 pts/rebs

Another good player who could be just a little above his head in these first 3 games. He should be a good 20/10 guy this year. Last March he went 20/10 but needed 39 minutes a game to do so. Are we feeling LU? Yes. Do we want him at our local barbershop? NO!