Monday, November 8, 2010

Zach Is Back!

Fantasy GM's, dope smokers, Eddie Winslow fans and 20-10 stat enthusiasts are happy as punch currently as Zach Randolph starts settling into his usual antics. Saturdays performance against Sacramento, and Zach's 2nd game back after bruising his tailbone in the season opener October 27th, gave fans a little glimpse of what to expect from the alleged pot dealer this season. With Zach being a heartless, seasoned 20-10 vet since 2004 give or take, and Memphis being a hot young and bothered upstart team (almost like a mini OKC) it's safe to assume fans certainly can expect roto-lines of a beastly nature from Zachielle O'Neal throughout his spells of good health. Zach's got Marc 'the future' Gasol to share time in the paint with (although Zach primarily rocks the PF spot) but these 2 Grizzly Bears have never had a problem sharing production. As well, when Zach played for Portland and NY he was inclined to bomb a lot more treys. Now in Memphis he's tried to focus more on points in the paint, and his FG% has improved roughly 5% in the last 2 years, sure theres no sporadic 3 balls showing up on your nightly lineups, but that just means Zach is spending more time twisting doobs and then hunting and gathering peripherals like that steal a game.

Zach agreed to have the bear over for the weekend at his Memphis home to document and research his preperation rituals before a team roadtrip. Below is a photograph taken yesterday afternoon.

I love that guy!

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