Thursday, November 18, 2010

Salma Hayak might still be starting Nazr Mohammed this week.....

....but I'm not. Nope, not a chance. Sure, he's having a block party this year, posting rejection numbers of 2-4-2 in the last 3 with a total of 16 on the year, and sure, I bet the block party would be super fun, ice cream cakes, paper mache' bean shakers and fancy sparklers, and Salma would probably be there, but spicy Mexican princesses aside, Mohammed isn't starting roster material. At least not in the fantasy universe. We all saw how Nazr shook up Al Jeff and Utah on November 13th with a bestial 22-20 with 4 aforementioned blocks, and we probably wont forget that any time soon, at least Salma wont, based on this picture it looks like she even had his baby. But to me, Nazr Mohammed is kind of like contemporary rock legend Kim Mitchell, at first he's catchy, soothing and downright satisfying to get down with, but it doesn't take long to get totally shitty and annoying. Although Nazr is definitely OVER achieving at the moment, my boy Kim is rock solid all the time.

So if the question of the day is "should I start this asshole?", then I would tell you to pass.

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  1. he has only put those numbers up against Al Jeff in the past.