Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jason Thompson is a miserable douche.

Should I fight Jason Thompson?? Seriously, should I fucking fly to New York and wait for him outside after Wednesdays game and notify him that I have some concerns about his spot on my fantasy roster? In 09/10 this clown was averaging 31 min a game and 12.5 pts, 8.5 rebs and a rejection. Not exactly big money, but not scoff able from the sophomore. This year, this bloody year.... Jason is frantically tugging out 5 and 4 with 0.4 blocks on a grisly 12 min of playing time. Serious regression. Douche alert Jason, fucking serious douche alert. Sacramento isn't exactly fantasy central when it comes to the mindsets of most GM's, but someone needs to step up. Carl Landry could do it, he just doesn't wanna. And as far as big men in Sacramento go, im really not sure where Samuel Dalembert ends and mediocre begins. This is Thompson's 3rd year, it's time to buck up or become another Marvin Williams. Faceless, unknown, underachieving, and pretending to be happy when he's really super sad. Oh wait, it might be too late for Jason.


  1. Nice. Do it.
    Slap some sense into him.

  2. seriously lazy links....fitting for a jason thompson post

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