Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's getting Dark(o) in here

Just the way Milicic likes it. After being a metaphorical punching bag for all sorts of fantasy hate for as long as we've known him, November 2010 was the start of what the International Fantasy Cartel are dubbing the 'Yugoslavian Block Party'. 47 blocks on the year, Darko now leads the league. Since November 14th his blks per game look a little something like this:
Nov 14th - 3
Nov 15th - 4
Nov 17th - 3
Nov 19th - 6 !!!
Nov 22nd - 3
Nov 24th - 5

Sexy eh. Sexy like this..... Whoever that is, im sure she's now Darko's wife.

He's holding his own on the boards too, pulling down decent numbers despite super freak Kevin Love's self made pact to get 20+ a game. We've never seen anything like this from Milicic before, he's averaging 22pts in his last 3 games as well. Don't mind the turnovers, they'll fuck ya good (7 last night!), but things finally took a turn for the better for owners of the Yugoslavian. Chances are he's already been scooped from the wire in your league, because at the Bear, we like to bring you old, aging news, but if Darko's still available, you know what to do.

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