Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Early Under and Over Achievers: Over

3 games in and things are looking good for a lot of the leagues young elite: Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Russel Westbrook, Monta, Roy Hibbert, Rondo, Millsap and Young, 30 year old "sweet dancing" Lou Scola. Is anybody playing above theyse head though? Let's have a look:

Over Achievers:

1. Mike Conley: 3.7 Steals

Sure, he's got sick handles and the Grizzlies are as young and sexy an upcoming team you'll find this side of Oklahoma, but MCs 3.7 steals over his first 3 games is unsustainable!
He got a massive #s boost with a 7 steal performance against the likes of Luke Ridnour and Sebastian Telfair.

2. Wilson Chandler: 6 stls/blks/3s

Nu huh! Chandler is sick brah! Perhaps, but not to the tune of 20/10 with buckets of supporting stats. Sure Wilsons good, but not this good. Even in a fantasy friendly system like the New York D'antoni's. In the battle of the Chandlers though, Wilson is fantasy on top.

3. Luis Scola: 27/14 pts/rebs

Another good player who could be just a little above his head in these first 3 games. He should be a good 20/10 guy this year. Last March he went 20/10 but needed 39 minutes a game to do so. Are we feeling LU? Yes. Do we want him at our local barbershop? NO!

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