The Keeper League

 In the process of Updating!

Bear cub notables:
Fanarchy: The Descent
Crash: Fantasy Cartel
Shuttelsworth: B secrets...
Bird Dog: this one is just obvious
Swisher: Woodsy Owl
George Orwell: Leather Daddy

Some pretty heavy decisions just went down in the Keeper league these last two weeks. I basically sacrificed any chance at this season by dealing a majority of my team for Gilbert Arenas and draft picks next year. Some other heavy hitters in the league followed suit, here's the trades:

I moved out potential Keepers in Chandler and Collison for Gilbert Arenas and Shuttlesworths 1st and 3rd rounds picks next year. Here's to hoping these players can impact his team for the better.

After I made this move, Another league heavy weight, Darko's Revenge, pushed his 1st and 4th round picks next year on Paul's Academy for some scoring, 3's and efficiency. Let's cross our dicks and hope it works out for him.