Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday 5: Deep League Pick Ups

The Bear likes it deep. Deep like a account. The bear has no use for players like Kyle Lowry, Shaquille O'Neal or Brandon Rush because those players were picked up months ago. Here is a quick look at the waivers in one of the Bears deeper leagues:

Bone Chilling, I agree. So who are some deep league specials that can help you contribute?

5. Ben Wallace C
Owned: a shocking 22%
Big Benny's clock keeps on ticking and he keeps starting for the Pistons. He still collects 7+ rebounds and he still contributes about a block and a steal a game. He's turning the ball over about as much as he did in his Detroit prime but at least he isn't doing enough from the field to hurt you.
Worse options/owned: Tiago Splitter 25%, Robin Lopez 37%, Brendan Haywood 35%, Demarcus Cousins 70%

4. Jordan Hill PF
Owned: 2%
Jordan Hill is locked in behind a rotation of Yao Ming, Brad Miller, Chu
ck Hayes and Luis Scola in Houston but has proven that he can score effectively if given enough time. He's missed but one free throw on the year and is shooting 58% on four shots a game. Not exactly roto game changing numbers but if the Rockets continue to struggle, Hill could push 24+ minutes and start to show people why he was drafted by the Knicks back in 03'
Worse options/owned: Zaza Pachulia 5%, Austin DayesINN 7%, Anthony Randolph 47%

3. Nick Young SF
Owned: 11%
With injuries to Al Thornton, Yi and John Wall, a little PT opened up for Nick Young the last couple weeks and he's made the most of it by averaging career highs in scoring (
11.8) and FG% (50%!) Carving out 25+ minutes in multiple games so far this season, fantasy pundits have gone so far as to call Young the next Magic Johnson. Actually He'll be more like a Micheal Jordon/ Wilt Chamberlain cross, but with more triple doubles and sexual conquests. What are we talking about again? ahh, there's my beer.
Worse options/owned: Al Thornton 18%, Marvin Williams 21%, Terrence Williams 28%, Shawn Marion! 56% suck it!

2. Thabo Sefalosha SG

Owned: 7%
He's starting, he plays 30+ minutes a games and he thieves like he's got a checkered past. His %'s won't hurt you and he doesn't turn the ball over. I wanted to do JJ Redick here, but I've got Vince Carter in one league and didn't want to jinx him,
Worse options/owned: Marcus Thornton 30%, Leandro Barbosa 36%, JR Smith 53%

1. Ty Lawson PG
Everything! He's a beast!
Owned: 14%
Ty Lawson sports starting numbers of 16.7/5.5, 1 stl, 1 3 and with father time giving Chauncey one last reach around, the time for Lawson could be now. The time to grind is also now.
Worse options/owned: Jarret Jack 41%, your mom 10% she's got weak handles

Next Up we take a look at NBA haircuts! How will Gallinari's "Rooster" affect your %s? If Scola goes short will his rebounds be next? Stay tuned!

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  1. good stuff. thnx for the info. just lost a major rebounder.