Thursday, November 4, 2010

Embracing john Wall: A Bold prediction

We here at the bear are a fun-loving, dress up on Halloween, fantasy basketball type crowd and nothing says that more than John "Von" Wall averaging 23/10 with 4 steals after 3 games. Sure the pundits might say he's also handing out 4.7 To's a game and has only played defensive juggernauts Jameer Nelson, Mike Bibby and Jrue Holliday so far....AND the zombie Arenas has yet to rear his ugly head but have you seen him play? Doesn't it feel right? Kid is a game changer. (I call him kid because he makes only slightly more money balling than I do blogging, it's something we share) As the season is young, it could be a bit pre-mature to dub Wall a top ten pick next year, but fuck it, here goes: You will be taking JohnJohn in the first round next year and you will be punting turnovers and FG%. You'll embrace John like a mother bear embraces it's cubs. And you will like it.

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