Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paul Millsap to Big 3: Get Fucked!

Millsap to Okur: Your next!

Wade to Fantasy Gms: Go get assists elsewhere!

Paul Millsap tore Miami a new butthole last night, going off for 46 points, 9 rebounds and...three 3's...?...with the help of an overtime period. Apparently the guy that passes him the ball is pretty good too as he posted 21/14 with a 3 of his own. The lines just keep betting and better for fantasy Millsap owners as he'd already posted more double doubles than Lebron James before cutting up this one with a razor and railing it all over the Miami dance floor. Al Jefferson has struggled with his shot so far, hitting an un-Al Jefferson-like 42% to start the year and perhaps it will be him? and not Paul to feel the crunch when the Turkish giant returns from his slumber. I've always liked the Jazz. Deron Williams seems like the kind of pg who could lead his team to victory if he just had some damn help.


  1. Hadn't seen the clip. Kind of ridiculous for a guy who shot 9 threes all last year. Also, seems like a lot of empty seats at home for the Heat considering it was a close game against a good team.

  2. A far as everything I've heard/read, Miami is not a big basketball town.

  3. gotta get active on twitter