Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is Daddy viable?

Red sky in the morning, Justin Bieber take warning. Red sky at night.... Daddy's delight. Fuck, or something like that. 2 biggies in a row from Shaquille? After settling into the mediocrity of 'the last few years', then spending 5 games sitting early on this year nursing an old man injury, Big Aristotle showed brief signs of life Monday against a severely poor outing by the not-so big 3 in Atlanta (Joe, Josh and Al). Nothing major from Daddy, but 13-11 is alot to ask of him on a nightly basis so I'm cool with that. He added 75% fg and an uncharacteristic 50% ft as well.

And tonight, well so far Brook Lopez can't contain the madness. As it stands, 24-9 with a steal. 90% from the field and the big man is again over 50% from the line. Who cares right? Well, probably most people. I personally have Diesel on the bench in 2 leagues, because I like to think I'm not desperate, although I was just starting to ask myself why I had abandoned these teams to the fate of a terrible bench? (K, seriously, now he's 25-9 cause he just drained another free throw). Most people scored Daddy in deep leagues for a quick, cheap fix of rebounds and news notes that generally dont have much to do with actual fantasy basketball, but with Kendrick Perkins likely dead, or kidnapped in someones basement, and Jermaine'O Neal (no relation to Aristotle) totally immersed in shittiness, this whole Shaq thing might pan out. At least till he runs out of icy hot patches.

It can't be 93/94' every night.

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  1. It's true, Shaq won't usually make 50% from the line.