Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rajon Rondo - He Came to Play

What kind of monster completes 17 assists without a single turnover? What kind of sick bastard would steal the spotlight from a studly young gentlemen like John Wall on his big night (Nov 2nd - 29pts, 13ast, 9stl, 8to)? Any fantasy GM with Rajon Rondo on his/her roster has probably already decided for themselves that the assist category belongs to them this year. And based on last nights performance, ballers rocking leagues where assist/turnover ratios count, are certainly building up Rondo to be some sort of Fantasy Viagra after his 17/0 run in said category. Rondo's managed to slip into the top 10 leaders in steals after just 4 games, and is holding tight a walloping 67 assists on the year (that's more assists than stalwarts like Amare, Maggette and even CB4 have points).

Clearly, and especially with the brand new addition of Shaq & Jermaine at the C spot, Rondo is the youth of the team, though he spends his days eating supper at 4pm and getting to bed by 7pm, living the life of his old ass teamates, fitting in, settling down, and trying not to feel it too hard. Sure, some people say he's a whiny little bitch. Other people say that despite being a whiny little cunt that he'll soon be the leader in Boston, cause everyone else is 100 years old, and KG's lost his mind.

Either way, if he emerges as the sole franchise player, or if Ray Allen keeps his streaky 3pt rampages alive and Paul Pierce keeps driving the lane for respectable leadership like numbers, Rondo and his 24 assist games might be the proverbial Fantasy Viagra these dirty old men in Boston need to get it up.... err... I mean win games.

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