Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fantasy Hype Machine: SG changes in the Fantasy Landscape

This is the 2nd installment in the 6 part series that is Fantasy Hype Machine where we focus on some positive statistical changes that players in the five different positions have made in their fantasy game this year (In the 6th part we reflect on all the friends we made at camp and all the fun times we had). You can view the 1st part about point guards here. Next up: The Two spot: White spot: the Restaurant: Shooting Guards. Lots of 'em have stepped up their game this year. Let's start with the obvious:

The obvious:

Manu Ginobili: Playing Time
If you drafted Manu this year chances are you picked him up around pick 40-50ish. The value you got in return made the four wishes you got from that monkey's paw look like a rip-off. Manu has been starting and monster ballin' out of control. He posted similar numbers back in the 07/08 season when he also ran 30+ minutes a game. His 3's, steals, assists, scoring and free throws have all been near career highs this season and it makes you wonder why the Spurs have been sitting Manu for half his career (mostly because the paw brings grave misfortune).

Kevin Martin: A Return to Form
Poor Kevin. So much promise, but he's got ankles made out of sugar. He doesn't go outside, because his ankles melt in the rain. He does go outside the arc though, as the other K-mart has really hit his stride this year with the Sprockets. He's been scoring like a sombitch and and getting to the line like a....someb...sonofa...fuck. Putting up 8.5 attempts from the line on 91% are Dwight altering numbers and this kind of play is what we got comfortable with before the injuries took hold back in the Sacramento days. Three injury plagued campaigns later and Kevin is looking like prime Michael Redd. 1337 all ways offensive.

Gilbert Arenas: Small Ball Purgatory
Gilb has had an interesting career as far as fantasy is concerned. After two seasons in Golden State at the start of his career, he was promptly traded to the Wizards and instantly became the feature of the offense, forming a "big 3" with Antawn Jamison and Larry Hughes. After the first harvest in Washington he enjoyed 3 years of injury free, first round production and things looked great for Arenas until this devastating injury at the end of the 06/07 season made Washington look like the drunk girl that needed a ride home from the playoffs. Gilbert has always been good for fantasy but he's consistently murdered yer FG% and TO's, making him an eggscellent (is breakfast ready?) candidate for small ball H2H teams that are punting said categories. Now shipped off to a contending Magic team with the biggest, baddest 5 in the game, you would assume Arenas could effectively come off the bench and help out by taking smart shots and holding on to the ball like it was a locker full of guns. No, he's still losing the ball 3 times a game and shooting the worst %'s of his career. The 3's and steals are still there, but seriously, fuck this guy.

The not-so-obvious:

Eric Gordon: Filling the Beard's shoes
I drafted Eric Gordon in his first year after reading that Greg Oden said he was a rookie of the year candidate. Bowling ball is what Greg called him. It was in the keeper league. I clearly remember the shock and disgust in the draft room, as well as, from my friend Jon Voss, who was sitting beside me. He could only shake his head in disgust as we took a bag lung to clear our heads. I'm pretty sure I dropped him after one month of no playing time and could only take another bag lung as he heated up October/November and Shuttlesworth had a higher waiver priority than me. After a so-so sophomore campaign, Gordon was basically given the Clipper reigns as Baron Davis showed up to camp this year drunker than Crash on draft day. Eric's responded with a very useful 23/4.5/3 with almost 3 combined 3s/stls. His ability to get to the line, although slowed as of late, has been quite significant. The Bear loves Eric and is sad when Donald Sterling pushes him off the slide at recess.

Dorell Wright: Golden Opportunities and Shit Tons of Playing Time
Sleeper of the year? Pick up of the year? Sweet Foxy Dorell? Whatever nickname you gave him when you drafted him back in 2007 when he was a major "breakout" candidate with the "Heatles" is now fully legit. Dorell has warmed up to Don Nelson like a quart of scotch. He has also warmed up to an eye-popping 39! minutes of playing time a game. You'd have to be Bruce Bowen to not produce with heavy minutes in the run and gun offense that Golden State employes like the Spanish janitor you banged before leaving work on friday. Dorell is taking 6.2 threes a game and making roughly 40% of them. Add in some healthy steals (1.4), scoring (16.2) and dimes (3!) and you've got some great value on a player you probably thought was a total cunt.

Marco Bellineli: Forced PT
I wanted to write something nice about Marco, but he's been pretty damn shitty so far. Playing with Chris Paul and producing almost nothing besides 11 points and 1.7 3's is ballzac. He shot 31% from beyond in November and Monty Williams claims it's Marco's defense that's kept Marcus Thornton on the bench. Just wait till I get to Trevor Ariza in the upcoming small forwards post.

Wesley Matthews: Tanya Harding To Brandon Roy's Nancy Kerrigan
What's that Mom? You hear Brandon Roy is done for the season? No fucking way! Can Josh rescind that trade he made in keeper? No? Mom? Wes Matthews has been a nice addition to the scoring, shooting and stealing that yer team needed so desperately when you bounced Paul-Bellineli in the first two rounds this year. Wes was a nice player with Utah last year and he's found a warm wind underneath Nate McMillans wings. Filling in for Brandon Roy is a tough job and Matthews has done so admirably with 19 points, 1.6 steals and 2.1 threes in 22 starts. Somewhere Martell Webster is drunk and singing at the moon.

George Hill: Bench Punch
With the Argentinian terror claiming a spot in the Spurs starting line up, fantasy prospects looked a little dim for George Hill. Turns out there is 27 minutes a game available for him though and 11.5 points, 1.1 steals, 1.5 december 3's and 48%FG is his way of saying "thanks".

James Harden
: December/January Heart Throb
Jimmy Hardon has been a boon for your team ever since he got a few November starts for various injured Thundi. He's not getting more playing time or anything (27 min), he's just been active on defense (1.3 steals) shooting the ball well from deep (41% on 4 attempts per) and not turning the ball over (1.1). All this kid needs is playing time and for Josh to keep him going into next year.

Landry Fields: Rebounds, also, Being a Rookie
Anyone draft this guy? I thought so. Nothing fancy about Landry's game, just a nice player getting a stew on. He doesn't take a lot of dumb shots (51%FG), is a tough defensive match up at 6-7 (1.1 steals) and rebounds the fuck out of the ball in New York's fast paced offense. (8 rebounds...ish) We here at the Bear salute Mr. Fields and all his hard work in gluing together the bottle-in-a-ship that is your atrocious fantasy team.
Chloe Sevigny saluting the Bear

Next Up we take a look at the camp counselor who pulled yer pants down during the play he wrote and forced you and your fellow campers to perform. Are you too old to go back to camp and kick his ass? Stay tuned as we examine the fantasy implications


  1. great post...whered you find that top pic??

  2. I searched "shooting guards" in Google images. I'm pretty sure your supposed to steal from the internet as much as possible.

  3. Fuck I should added JJ "mafucking" Reddick to this list!

  4. Hope you played Stevenson last night with those 6 threes. Nice site btw. Adding you to our resource page.

  5. Dorell Wright and Wilson Chandler are my two best players behind Dirk, the have saved my team so far this year!

    Nice post btw.