Thursday, December 30, 2010


Shaq doesn't give a fuck about 35K, and why should he?? Oh i dunno, maybe because that money equates to 5000 meals, 14 Lucic punches, a night in Vegas with Jordan Jr.... or if you were to purchase Aaron Carter's hit single That's How I Beat Shaq on iTunes, that's like 35353.53 songs!
Shaq aka Diesel/Shaq-fu/BigAristotle/BigDaddy/Superman/BigAgave/BigCactus/BigShaqtus/BigGalactus/WiltChamberneezy/BigBaryshnikov/RealDeal/Dr./BigShamrock/BigLeprechaun/Shaqovic/BigConductor is hardly fantasy relevant these days, although he's still highly quotable. Just for shits and giggles take a look at Diesel's old gamelogs, they're fucking ridiculous. Remember in 93' when he had 28rebs and 15blks on Jersey? I don't. But yeah that happened. With KG ruining my life and going down with some lower leg bullshit last night, Tommy Heinsohn is gonna need Shaq to quit screwing around with Nate Robinson and start bending rims again.

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  1. Sorry about KG, I can't help but feel like you really got screwed on that trade