Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surprises in the Top 50

It's a new year, and it looks like this whole Internet thing is here to stay. I suppose that means the Bear is here to stay as well. Now while the Y2K scare is long over, clearly some people are still a bit agitated at the thought of the world coming to an end based on a computer glitch, so we thought we'd take a look at a few shockers who have snuck into the top 50 thus far.
Facing a Yahoo! ranking of 117 coming into the season, I'm not sure anybody (aside from D'antoni) could have predicted Wilson Chandler making a case for himself as fantasy breakthrough of the year. Currently ranked 12th (coming in just behind teammate and fellow fantasy monarch STAT), Chandler strokes a hell of a ball. Literally scoring in double figures every fucking game except one back in November (and doing so on 48% from the field), he's worked his way into the starting lineup. His current ranking could partly be due to Gallinari's health affliction, or it could be due to the 55 blocks he's accumulated this year (1.5 per game). Either way, it's safe to say Chandler is a baller and should continue his high impact fantasy reign of terror onwards to the accelerated paycheck that surely awaits him next year.

Dorell Wright??? Well thats fucking random. I haven't been shitting right lately, so that can only mean one thing, Steph Curr is on the fritz again. Not health wise, just fantasy wise, you can read about it here. Much like the Chandler from the paragraphs of old, Dorell is NOT shy when it comes to scoring double figures. In fact, all of his miscellaneous statistical averages have doubled since last year. Holy fucking shit son. Yahoo! brought him in at 140, and now he's sitting at 26 (that's higher ranked than Curry, CB4, Granger, Nash and even Kobe). During the drafts, I probably took Charlie V or James Harden at that spot rather than Dorell, and I haven't regretted anything as much since Fanarchy and I had that heated game of Risk and weren't on speaking terms for a week.

Ranked 45 at the moment, you have Shane Battier. We all know Shay-Shay is a roto-friendly start, but out-ranking Fantasy Beasts like Chauncey 'Dr Cock & Balls' Billups, Brook Lopez, Bargnani and Zach Randolph (the poor mans Stoudemire), is a little surprising coming from the seasoned yet solid old man. Shanes field goal has risen 5% this year on the same amount of attempts, but all his other stats remain parallel to last seasons, and the seasons before... and so on. Rare double digit scoring, rare double digit boarding, but 1 stl, 1.3 blk, 1.5 trey per game doesn't grow on trees. Plus the greasy old man starts every game for 30 min. Next year, I'm gonna put on a suit and consider drafting Shane a little earlier than the average pick of 140 he got this time around.

Last surprise of the day breaking the top 50 ice, is Landry Fields. Ranked 50, and clocking in just shy of a 10-10 average, another starter in the D'antoni fantasy realm, Landry Fields has better hair than Gallinari and also attempts 2.6 treys a game. Often connecting, in fact averaging 1 per. That goes for steals as well. He shoots 52% on almost 8 attempts and averages 10 points. I know, I know, that's pretty dry. Dry like that girl from down the backlane you occasionally roll in the hay with's personality. But Landry is a rookie, and is outranking some heavy motherfuckers like Granger, plus we all know D'antoni is everyones secret fantasy weapon so get on that shit!


  1. Got to love the Warriors and D'Antoni for turning other teams' castaways into fantasy gold. I think Correy Maggette would sadly agree.

  2. haha, Maggette is such a cunt. The Harrington/Jackson/Maggette Warriors were so ridiculous. Just ridiculous

  3. Was near the turn and took James Harden and Amir Johnson right before Wright got taken immediately after the Johnson pick. Definitely would like a do over on that one. Didn't turn out too bad though as I ended up with Paul, Love, Bargnani, and E. Gordon as the first four picks in an 18 team H2H league.

  4. I scrolled down and then saw Eva...didn't read a single word.