Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OJ. Mayo: Back in Fantasy GM's favor?

Right now, OJ. Mayo's story can basically be summed up like this. With the mild-ly attractive housewife being played by OJ and the mop & broom played by Fantasy owners. After being benched late November for a regrettable tardiness incident, he became the other woman (6th man) to Xavier Henry, and remains as such today. As the 6th man, although his minutes were cut only sporadically and on occasion (he was still averaging 23mpg) he really Simpsoned Fantasy GM's for a while there. Unfocused blunders from the field like 1-7 and 1-11. Shooting under 50% as well as under 10 pts per game was a major affliction for Slow J until early December. He almost became a Fantasy Ghost. And I bet he would have been the worst kind of ghost too. The kind that hasn't transcended to the after life yet, and still lingers around for 14-20 minutes a game, thinking he's still alive but doesn't score at all. Like Q-Rich. If there's one thing playing with Zach Randolph has taught OJ is to stay the hell away from the unproductive pool. For OJ's part, that pool consists of anything less than 15 shots a game, 10 of said shots connected 'nothing but net'. Zach avoids the underproduction pool at all costs, mainly to avoid shrinkage. Do you think women know about production shrinkage? Does Kim?

It does appear that OJ is back in our favor, 6th man or not. Conley has proven to be a stud of a PG so far, and is clicking in a major way with his teammates and racking up assists like each pass is a double tequila flying across the dance bar towards an impressionable young lady. All the Memphis starters are scoring the ball (last night they all scored in double figures including OJ off the bench) and they don't show any signs of slowing down. It's time to give OJ another chance.

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