Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mike Millers Epic Return

I was reading one of my favorite basketball blogs, Basketbawful, this morning when I noticed that Mike Miller had returned to the Heat last night and got all of his statistical production in one play. I ripped this video off a site called you tube which is apparently gaining in popularity.

What could his possibly mean for James Jones meager fantasy impact? Dick all really. The next biggest shot taker on the Heat after the 3 krangs was Captain Haslem with 6 per, then the fantasy duo that is Carlos Arroyo and Said Jones both taking about 5 shots a game. There's really no reason for the Heat to have a point guard and moving Wade to the 1 and Mike Thriller to the 2 only makes sense. Will Miller be as greedy as the rest of the Heat and selfishly rip 6 shots per game out poor Lebron's hungry, statistical mouth? Of course he will, I took six shots from the three on the way to breakfast with my girlfriends this morning. He will basically become James Jones without the above average swagger.

PS. Patrick over at Give me the rock points out that Mario 'Supernintendo' Chalmers has been receiving his fair share of hand jobs from Erik Spolestra at the point guard position. In 12 December games he's given birth to a litter of 3's and steals reminiscent of his rookie year. Miller only serves to cramp his style but god dammit this three to tie it in the 2008 final four still gives me chills. This one gives me hard gas.

For some reason here's Megan Fox. Blatant attempt for more readers to stumble upon the bear? You Decide!

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  1. nice, i dig. im going to get a case, swing by whenever.