Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jonny Flynn: Deep League Project

Jon-Jon is starting to see some minutes, averaging about 18 a game. While contributing to the shortage of your fantasy teams barren wasteland that is stls/blks (he's gotten next to none so far), there is a slight draw. He's getting more play time than deep wire, fantasy invalids like Mario Chalmers, starter Xavier Henry and the fantasy leper T-Mac. Jonny helps with a handful of dimes, and almost a trey a game (albeit on atrocious shooting). He averages about 5 shots per game in his first 6, so look for him to score the ball moderately. He's a deep league project, but no one really trusts Luke Ridnour, so keep an eye on Jon for now.
Photograph taken in my high rise New York apartment seconds before Patrick Swayze burst through the door and gave me an award for best fantasy blog of all time.

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