Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Al Thornton : Yay or Nay?

I'd say Nay, despite the misleading picture. After a god awful start, Thorn-daddy started to see more minutes. While averaging approximately 26-29 min a game in mid December Al (Alfred?... Allen? Algorithm?) was scoring double digits (although maintaining an undesirable average of 9.4 pts) and considered a decent start. His boards have dropped since the beginning of the year, and considerably since last season, but it seemed like he might have a resurgence. In fact, I picked him off the wire in my keeper league and Fanarchy fucking loved that shit. Then John Wall came back. Then Rashard Screwed-us reared his ugly head and now it seems like Thornton's minutes will diminish even further. Where does Yi fit in? He serves to bury Al even deeper in the rotation. What about Josh Howard (sucks) ? Well, you get the idea.

Elsewhere, Tony Parker is still heartbroken. This whole Eva Longoria thing is really getting to him. Shooting out of control, he's rocked 19+ points 8 times in December. Ginobili is still shook from the UFO incident and only mustered 9 pts last evening against the the Steve BLakers (which is also considered a fantasy kick in the pants), so Tony had to take matters into his own hands. You could tell Eva was on his mind the whole time though. "Tony thought he knew what love was, what did he know?" He exploded into a first quarter frenzy, picturing this in his mind the whole time, while George Hill and Kobe discussed how they were going to get coverage on the Bear. Tony was quiet in the 2nd, then remembered what Don Henley said in that song... "Don't look back, Tony never look back." So he ended up with 23 pts on 10-18 shooting, and made sure to give you what you really wanted... 2 steals.

"Tony can tell you, his love for Eva will still be strong, after Tim Duncan's fantasy game is gone..."


  1. Fucking Love Thornton AND Don Henley

  2. Tony Parkers steals are a mirage, like Joe Mauers 2009 power spike

  3. Blake,Westbrook,Paul, top ten keepers

  4. I'm not sure who Dave is, but I know those are 3 damn good keepers, along with Oden and Turner