Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Round 3, Pick 25

25. Iggy
(Joins Durant and Bosh)

Don't want to be called Iggy? Don't fucking want to be called Iggy anymore??? What kind of shit is that? Talk to Glen Davis about that one Andre, if anyone is upset about the lack of control over your given nickname it should be Big Baby.

Now, onto more important business, can Iggy make waves on a team whose central focus will constantly be on KD? Well, Team 'first to pick' sure thinks so. Durantula will gladly take on the role of 'scoring for two' while presumably Bosh will take care of the defensive spectrum, right? Fuck I dont know about that anymore, but regardless Iggy's above average production highlights are a sexy bonus indeed. Lets say Durant pulls Superfreak again this year and carries your team single handedly into placing, then Iggy's projected smorgasboard of 17-6-6 with 3 collective defensive points should definitely put you in contention for a championship. At the very least it will make it move. Oh, and almost a 3 per game from Igualdo Rivera, thats not too bad either.
Fuck it, this team is lookin pretty sexy at this point, next up, we trade all 3 top picks for some ASSISTS.

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