Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RD 3, Pick 26

26. Andrea Bargnani!
(Joins Lebron James and Rajon Rondo)

Well, I had a hella sweet Carlos Boozer pick lined up here. All about how this was the year he was gonna stay healthy, picking and rolling is way to top 20 value beside Derrick Rose. Well thank fuck I didn't post it or let anyone now about my CarlMan-Boozelove, because the Cleveland backstabber is out about 8 weeks with a home-insurance style broken right hand. Good. Fuck em. More PT for Taj "Mothafuckin" Gibson. What a team that has Lebron and Rajon on it needs is...Anything! You can pretty much pick whoever you want here because this team has the league on lock, two players in. Tight. So without further adieu......Andrea 'the Italian Stallion' Bargnani!
Tight. With Chrish Bosh outta the picture, Andrea figures to see a lot more shots, pushing his scoring average to at least the 20 point mark. His FG% might make you cry this year, but it's a worthy trade off for 2+ Three's and a block and a half. A great rebounder he is not but his career 81% from the stripe should help keep things honest with a little help from later rounds. Don't be shy Nani.

Next up: We take a look at CarMan Boozloves injury and it's potential impact on Derrick Roses SAT scores.

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  1. He's gotta hurt a few people, and by people I mean Lakers, before he'll get my respect.