Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A run down of the first 2 rounds

It's been interesting so far to say, the the least. The first 2 rounds have shaken out with some teams gunning at youth, picking with reckless passion and just plain trying to not feel the hangovers so hard, while others prefer a more steady approach, waiting until they can see the whites of their victims eyes before drafting. Here's a look:

1. Kevin Durant (Bosh)
2. Lebron James (Rondo)
3. Chris Paul (Howard)
4. Danny Granger (Anthony)
5. Dirk Nowitzki (Kidd)
6. Steph Curry (Wallace)
7. Kobe Bryant (Jefferson)
8. Dwyane Wade (Lopez)
9. Pau gasol (Billups)
10. Josh Smith (Roy)
11. David Lee (Nash)
12. Deron Williams (Stoudemire)
13. Am'are Stoudemire
14. Steve Nash
15. Brandon Roy
16. Chauncey Billups
17. Brook Lopez
18. Al Jefferson
19. Gerald Wallace
20. Jason Kidd
21. Carmelo Anthony
22. Dwight Howard
23. Rajon Rondo
24. Chris Bosh

Fuck the analysis. Obviously some of these teams have mental issues, even at this early stage. But me thinks with a bit more hustle and some total disregard for facts, this draft can finish itself off in the shower in early 2011. Shall we continue?

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