Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fantasy Basketbear Mock Draft: Rd 1, Pick 1

Welcome home once again. This is the Bear. This is now. The bear is now.....? Seriously though, thanks to Ben for kicking things off with his Miami predictions. Somebody had to start somewhere and bolder moves have never been made. Anywoot, We here at the bear have decided to kick-start the fantasy NBA season with a little mock draft. Nothing too heavy, just a twelve teamer, roto we'll say, with 9 cats and zero respawns. Your 4 favorite bear cubs (Myself, Crash, Swisher and Shuttlesworth) will be collectively drafting all 12 teams, so be prepared for a lot of bias, favoritism and secret handshakes. Without further do, here is the first pick, which calls for little explanation:

1.Kevin Durant

Not much to say here that hasn't been said already. Until CP3 strings together healthy seasons and the situation in Miami shakes out, KD24 has been dubbed the consensus number 1 by more than just myself. This blog, this blog and this random all seem to mock agree. Next up: RD 1, pick 2! Holy Blasting Smokes!