Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alright, who used it?

You know damn well what im talking about. The Glitch. After you all admit to it, I might admit to squeezing one last shitty start out of Dalembert. And I might admit to fully intending on milking games out of KG (whose notes claimed his old ass was gonna play, but was lying to the bear) and Joe Johnson who ended up resting for the next few hectic weeks of playoff madness. Anywho, did anyone get away with it? Did you bend the rules for bragging rights? Guess its not really bending the rules, its just the way she goes..... fuckin way she goes boys.

Please leave comments below.


  1. Please check out the guy at 4:31 of the video

  2. so I'm in the library cramming like amare, I take a 2min bear study break, click on the "milking" link.. and now errbody in this computer lab thinks I'm some kinda sexual deviant.....
    which is true,
    fuckin way she goes