Friday, April 9, 2010

Yahoos season end roto glitch and h2h streaming

I love fantasy. Not just fantasy basketball, but fantasy sports in general. I primarily play Yahoo for fan ballin' these days, but I've dabbled in espn, cbs, 365fantasysports, a little bit of sporting news, and they're all great but generally I sign up my max teams per account (4) on yahoo. I used to be a pure roto kinda gm, too. I eventually discovered the joys of weekly head 2 head matchups though, and am now devoted to both ends of the spectrum. The adrenaline highs of anything-can-happen H2H and the crushing lows of knowing-your-season-is-over-before-it-began roto. So I am not opposed to doing anything you can to get by. To whiff that year end 'chip is to fill oneself with a kind of Phil Jackson like zen that stays intoxicating until you draft all rookies next year. One form of stratego that is employed in h2h is streaming. This is the practice of punting the volume sensitive categories (%'s, TO's) and trying to load up on the counting cat's that won't hurt you (Pts, Rebs, Stls, Blks, 3's, Assts). I've heard more than one owner cry foul over this strategy but all is fair in love and fantasy. There are precautions that commissioners can take to foil streamers, such as adding a weekly transactions/adds cap or putting a cap on whole season moves. It's part of the fantasy life style though, and as much as you hate it, sometimes you just have to give the red-headed step child a hug. Since were in the do anything you can vein of winning, I'd like to expose a little known glitch that yahoo has for roto leagues. Are things coming down to the wire? Top 4 teams all within 2 points of each other? Going bald from stress? Can't afford your mortgage payments? Well shit, here's what you do: If your in a league that has been generous enough to offer you two spots at one position, (2 Utils or 2 forward spots or 2 guard slots or two center sprots) and you have only one game left @ each on your max games counter, you can can squeeze two games out of it by STARTING TWO PLAYERS FOR THAT ONE GAME @ THE SAME TIME. Example: I'm down to one more guard start in my 15 man roto league, am about 20 assists away from certain victory and my girlfriend will leave me if I lose. I've got Darren Collison @ home against the Jazz starting at 7 o'clock and Derrick Rose playing the Nets in NJ also at 7 pm. So I slide them both into my 2 flex guard spots and POW! Yahoo shits its pantsuit , doesn't know what to do, so it locks both players in 45 minutes before the game and POW! You've just secured yourself the Catalina Wine Championship.

Next up we rank the top 250 players after the top 250 players are off your draft board for next year. Can Joey Graham remain an elite top 300 contributor? Does Royal Ivey have the cajones to play more than 7 minutes a game? Will Aleksander Pavlovic ever return to his top 350 form? Our readers weigh in!

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  1. Nice. I'm going to try to use that glitch. I need it to stay out of my leagues basement.