Friday, April 16, 2010

Welcome Home, This is the End...

Well the NBA regular season called it quits on Wednesday, so that means fantasy basketball is done for the summer. It's been a fun, exciting year for the winners and a long, grueling season for the losers. I drafted some rookies, made some horrible trade offers and accepted some even worse ones. I started Chuck Hayes, sat Tim Duncan and gave Ryan Anderson way more playing time than I should have. I traded Shane Battier for Kenyon Martin, Darren Collison for Thaddeus Young and Kurt Thomas for Sheldon Williams. I stopped paying attention to five of my seven leagues in the last two weeks and suffered in pretty much all of them. Having said that, I had fun and plan on doing it again and so does the Bear. We here at the Bear are pleased to announce our brand new address on the interwebs:! That's right, we've gone corporate! Fast cars, fast women and faster breaks. Also we'll be looking forward to a summer of player ranks for next years draft, rookie impacts and opportunities for cash prizes. We'd also like to welcome the newest bear cub to the picnic, Matters! Nice works Matters. Thanks for checking us out during the season, now go on over and bookmark We'll see you there.

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