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Sunday March 6th, 2011

Spurs Vs Lakers
Naahh it's cool Manu, Time Duncan was basically just as bad. Combined 4/17 fg% and a total of 8 pts, in a combined 46 minutes. Disappointing, and who the fuck is Gary Neal?

Chicago Vs 'A combined 69pts from the Big 3'
They shot a staggering 51 attempts from the field and 18 free throws combined, beasted heavy for lines like D-Wade's 20pts, 4rebs, 5ast, 7to's!!!!!, Bron Bron's 26pts, 8rebs, 6ast, 2stl, and CB4's 23pts, 5rebs, 1stl, 1blk, but still couldn't come up with the win. That's 4 straight losses for the Heat, and 4 steps closer to Erik Spoelstra losing his job. Who knows, maybe it's not his fault, maybe it's cause D-Wade can't throw his keys to a valet driver without someone else catching them.

Golden State Vs Philly
Iggy triple dubbed (I said it... Iggy), a quietly efficient 15-10-11, while Jrue Holiday almost did the same (16-8-7), with 6 steals between the 2 of them. I didn't see the game personally, but can anyone clarify if all 6 of those thefts occurred from Monta Ellis' possession? Also, props to Thaddeus Young for putting up a solid line and closing the book in my favor (last minute) in another nail biting head 2 head weekly battle. Thadd had 20-7 with a block and 2 steals. Nice.

Knicks Vs Hawks
Toney Douglas as a starter, I like it. Serious streaker, but D'Antoni is a believer, and Tone-Tone has rewarded D'Antoni's faith with 22 trey-balls since Feb 1st. Atlanta had a relatively uneventful day for fantasy ball on Sunday, not a single player reached the 20pt pinnacle, a seemingly reoccurring trend for the Hawks lately.

New Orleans Vs Cleveland
I thought this dude's last name was 'Poindexter' at first glance. Pretty fucking close!

OKC Vs The Suns
Gortat is a beast! I've heard people drop his name as a potential Keeper going into next year now that he's in Arizona. Split stats reveal his numbers almost doubling since January, currently averaging 8 more pts per game than he did in December. Dead fucking serious about Polish people man.

Side note to this game: what happened Durant? Sure, sure, 11/12 from the line is tight, but 3/14 from the field in 44min of play? It was overtime for fucks sake! Thank god for Nick Collison (j/k).

Memphis Vs Dallas
Shane Battier put up a double-double, gobbling up 11-11. Unfortunately that meant Zach Randolph was only able to accumulate 9 boards (to go along with 27pts and 4 steals), which in turn halted an on again - off again double double streak he has going. Can Zach deal with this? Does Shane know who he's dealing with? Does Eddy Curry miss Zach Randolph's company?

Boston Vs The Bucks
Krstic put together the best of his last 4 games (all including double digit scoring and low TO's), scoring 17pts on 87.5% fg and 75% ft, effectively clearing the way for Jermaine O'Neal to retire... or fuck off... however you see it.

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