Saturday, March 5, 2011


Matty Bones aka The Red Rocket aka King Ginger Jesus aka Orange Rain is demanding your damned respect! Is fantasy b-ball still relevant to you? Yes? Nice, congrats. Now then, might you be in need of 3's without compromising efficiency? Well then, talk about a match made in heaven. MB15 is to you like what a ChuckECheese parking lot is to a pedophile: BONANZA! Peep the line from last night: 24min, 18pts, 5rebs, 6/7fg, 6/7tres! Like whoa, talk about a specialist. Str8-Bone'n has more 3s this season than Mamba and Ben Gordon (who fuckin sucks) while appearing in 17 less games and playing far less minutes. My advice to you, Diamond Dallas Page, is to get your sandwich on. My advice to all you Bear-believers is to check the wire ASAP for this soulless assassin b4 he rains one-handed jimmys on your family and fucks your shit stack.

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