Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cavs trot out a group of miserable losers; Lakers respond with Savage Beating

With Anderson Varajao done for the season, things have begun to look pretty miserable for the Cavs. Not that things didn't already look miserable. Actually, the whole situation looked god awful for Cleveland ever since what the Spaniards have been calling 'La DecisiĆ³n'. With Antawn Jamison looking older than Greg Oden and Mo Williams limping his way through the season, there's no go to scorer for the Lebronless. JJ Hickson played himself on to the bench early in the season and Jamario Moon, gifted with a starting spot, quickly found himself on the wrong end of the rotation. The Clavs are 1-21 since November 30th, a near polar opposite of the 21-1 the Miami Heat have posted since November 29th. No one thought they would be much this year, but this? A punishing 57-112 loss to the Lakers. Ouch. Sure it's the Lakers but 55 points? Jesus. Lebron had this to say. What a douche. On the fantasy bright side however, Manny Harris has been a serviceable guard in 6 starts posting 12/5/2 with a combined 2.4 steals and threes. Mo Williams isn't as terrible as I'm making him out to be with his 14 points and 7 assists per game and JJ Hickson is now on the receiving end of some PT with Andy V injured for the year. With Kyrie Irving or possibly Harrison Barnes in their sights, the Cavs are waiting for next year.

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