Thursday, January 13, 2011

Excuse me Mr. Williams, is it Sean? ... Or Shawne?

Because I wouldn't want to confuse this new waiver wire devilry with former Jersey Shore Net Sean Williams. But if the old shitty Sean Williams has secretly reinvented himself as the new improved Shawne Williams then I'm impressed. It seems just about everybody on the Knicks roster/payroll is benefitting from Gallinari's injury, even fucking Bill Walker scored 23 pts last night. Shawne Will however has started seeing the playtime get increased since early December and has stated his case with 7 double digit scoring games since, last night emerging with 7 of 8 from deep totalling a career high of 25 bangers. Although D'antoni does have an insatiable 3-ball fetish, Shawne Williams 2.0 will probably see alot of bench warming duties once Gallinari returns (possibly by Friday), so grab him and start him while you can, take an aspirin and hope for the best. Mike D'antoni, our Fantasy man on the inside.

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