Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free Marcus Thornton!

In a devastating report released by the NOCVB, It appears that one Marcus Terrel Thornton is being held hostage by New Orleans Hornets head coach Monty Williams. No matter what the circumstance, Williams has held Thornton hostage on the bench despite his designated teammate nickname of 'Buckets'. After being Drafted 43rd overall by the Miami Heat in 2009, Marcus was promptly traded to the Hornets and he worked his way into the starting five in the late '09 season with gritty determination (injuries) and the ability to score in brunches. (where you pick up a girl at a buffet style breakfast/lunch) Despite Marco Bellinelli shooting just 37% from the field in December and promptly getting injured, Williams has turned to cagey vet "Loose" Willie Green as the teams primary off guard, mesmerizing bloggers and fantasy gm's alike with his rotational treachery. Thornton has been held to just 15 minutes per game of playing time this season due what Monty Williams calls "defense". When awarded with 30 minutes on January 12th due to said Bellinelli injury, Buckets responded by leading his team to a 92-89 victory over Stan Van Gumptions Orlando Magic, scoring 22, a season high.
(Blake is eye-fucking the omelet bar )
Here is a graph i ripped off AttheHive, a great Hornets blog:

Go here to read a real analysis of why Marcus Thornton has been stuck on the bench all year.

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