Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wish List

It's Christmas, the booze is flowing, it's time to write Santa a letter explaining my Fantasy Wish List.

1. I'd like to know why 54% of teams in Yahoo! leagues still have Ron Artest on they're rosters. Seriously brutal. I'm not sure where Steve Blake's fantasy viability ends and where Ron's begins. Awful looking split stats in an awfully lot of playing time. Sonny Weems (when back from injury) should be a better pickup, if still available. I'd like some insight this holiday season as to why people are still clinging to this.

2. For Christmas this year, I'd like to see Brandon Roy bounce back from his knee affliction and return to his 08'/09' splits. That'd be dope if Broy lived up to the mystic wonder we all believed in when we drafted him top 30 (3 years in a row, maybe 4 if your BirdDog). Santa dropped the ball in regards to Greg Oden's repeated requests for a new knee, but maybe Brandon Roy will have more luck on his side.

3. Take my eyes for what I've seen!!! Speaking of Greg Oden, I wish to regress all memory of that happening, and would really like nothing more than for this to never happen again.

Merry Christmas folks!


  1. can you just write better fantasy basketball posts instead of continuing to compromise your content with pictures of girls? seriously now.

  2. Moore Fantasy COntent on the way!

  3. Colin "motherfucking" CampbellDecember 25, 2010 at 2:28 PM

    oh Anonymous, keep checking into the bear if you know what's good for you ;)