Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is Kwame Brown still alive??

Coulda fooled me, I seriously thought he was dead, I mean, he even looks like Jermaine O'Neal (assuming it's understood amongst the fantasy community that Jermaine is a fantasy zombie), let alone has a gamelog that mirrors O'Neal's (grisly averages of 4-4). I almost shit my pants when I saw him log 18 minutes against the Raptors last night, then had a tough time cleaning it up when I noticed he clocked in 10-6 with a steal and 2 blocks. Fantasy wise, I'd rather start Nazr Mohammed whose been flying under the radar and putting up double digit lines for the last 3, and doesn't have greasy corn rows. Then again, I'd rather run head first into traffic then start either.

Speaking of Michael Jordan's Bobcats taking on the Raps last night, Bargnani put up a stinker, going 4-14 from the floor which is uncharacteristic of him this year. I wouldn't count on this happening too often, I think Nani just got scared when he saw Gerald Wallace do this to Sonny Weems. I also hear people talking about Linas Kleiza as a deep league option. Clearly, as you can see, when this less muscular version of Peyton Hillis gets the playing time, big scoring happens. So keep an eye on Kleiza because Jay Triano is somewhat Don Nelsonish with the minutes these days, and it's probably because he doesn't know what to do when the fantasy titans in Charlotte block 13 shots and force a pitiful 40% from the field for the whole team.
What exactly is Triano doing here and who the fuck are these girls??

Elsewhere last evening, Reggie Williams proved to be a double figure staple when playing over 26 minutes. 17 treys in 4 games?? The audacity of Reggie. He hangs out downtown so much bombing treys that he no longer calls it Downtown. Just simply Town now. Speaking of Town, Charlie V hangs out there lots these days too, trying to do his Reggie Williams impersonation from the PF spot. 7 treys in his last 3, Kevin Garnett's biggest trash talk regret is trying his darnedest to beef up that average pts per game and show fantasy owners his life still has value.

As usual, there were a few busts last night. Jamal Crawford saw Joe Johnson taking shots at practice and thought the 4-6 weeks had already passed, so he saw it fit to score 2pts on 1-6 shooting in a full blown 30 minutes of playing time. But don't sweat it, he filled up the stat sheet one way or another by turning the ball over 5 times. Thanks Jamal.

Kim Kardashian says "more rebounds!" and Kris Humphries answered her exotic basketball related mating call and pulled down 13, but Derrick Favors wanted some too, so he did the same. Did Kim notice? Naw, she was more concerned (as we all were) that Fantasy Stalwart Iguodala was only able to muster up 8 pts in 40 minutes. What the fuck happend Iggy?? Either way, Thaddeus Young decided if Iggy was going down, he was going down with him. He had a bust of a line as well with 2-5.

And the final bust of this post is one we all expected. Steve Blake. Step off Steve, seriously... STEP OFF! Is it safe to say Steve Blake is the worst human being of all time? Would that be harsh? More harsh than starting him for 0 pts and 5 rebounds? What in the fuck do I need boards out of you for Stevie?

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  1. Bargnani has actually been shooting the ball quite well in December. Well Fuck me running. Could you link to some more Yahoo player profiles in yer next post?