Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Choda Week: Fantasy Guide Between Xmas and NYE

Sun's multi-tool Jared Dudley, seen here applying Danny Corey's textbook move, has in his last 4 games created a puzzling double decker sandwich of stat lines. In between games where he totaled 8pts on 1/7 from the field, Doodle blew up for 60pts while shooting 21/32. The Bear hates to openly accuse ballers of drug use, but the only possible explanation is a Christmas ice binge. Owners should cross their fingers in hopes that Red-Dud gets a hold of Heisenberg soon.

Elsewhere, Lamarcus Aldridge continues to devour the competition. Last night he out produced both Thrillsap and Al-Jeff combined, and over the last 2 weeks has averaged 26-11 with almost 3stl/blks. No B-Roy makes Lama the focal point on O.

Why would Javale McGee and Andray Blatche be getting in scraps when they have so much in common? Them boys need to take a lesson.

Shane Battier is a roto phenom, still. He ranks 4th over the last 2 weeks, and has 121 combined tre/stl/blks vs 40 turnovers in 30 games this year.

The T-Wolves are gonna be a handful in a couple years. Love, Bease and Wes-J combined dropped 70 on the hornets last night and won. If Johnny Flynn can return to form, or Rubio's rights don't get traded, the land of 10000 lakes just might return to its days of hardwood glory. (Shout out to Luke Rid who is playing well and still holding down his spot.)

The Bear has many new years resolutions, those that can be publicized include becoming the first bear-cyborg, releasing a series of japanimation cyborg porn dvds, eating well and exercising more often, notching the entire list to his bedpost, and lastly raise an army to march on Conan O'Brien and settle the beef once and for all!!

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