Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Night of Full Lineups

October 28th
At this point my entire body is sore, ravaged, and totally deformed from sitting in front of this computer screen on this uncomfortable chair, drinking heavily during a multitude of drafts, and staring wide-eyed at Stattracker for hours on end to see if this was all really worth it. Lets take a quick look and see if it was.

Trey balls were coming from all corners last night, shit got real, Manu stroked out 5 of 9 while collectively putting together an all around sexy line (22pts, 4ast, 3reb, 2stl, 1blk). Rasual Butler put back 4 from downtown, and shows no signs slowing down as a 6th man court surfing around 30min a game.
James Jones is a sick freak, 6 treys last night and 8 already in 2 games, I guess Mario Chalmers is gone... or dead or something.
And If I were you I'd keep my eye on Aaron Afflalo who slipped 3 in from deep last night and projects himself to find his way into every single bear post from here on in.

Mike Conley had the game of his life last night, 23-5-8 on 60% shooting. I like Conley, I took him as one of my main prospects this year. Theres just something about Memphis I like, the youth, the bestial big men, the drug kingpins, and the Conley.

Speaking of Memphis, Zach Randolph left the game early after landing hard on his tailbone. Now with Zach and Marc Gasol both day to day, Sam Young or Hasheem Thabeet could be starters on Friday. Heres a list of a few more inactive players on the big night.
Chris Anderson
Mehmet Okur
Kenyon Martin
Obviously Oden
Anthony Randolph (here we go again)
Johnny Flynn
Greg Munroe
Mo Williams
Mike Miller's no secret
Brad Miller might as well have not played
Ditto with Spencer Hawes
Ed Davis
Freaky Tyreke Evans
Samuel Delembert

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