Monday, October 4, 2010

Round 2, Pick 24

24. CB4

When the bear was informed in early in January that Bron and CB4 would be taking their talents to Southbeach, the bear was shocked, but agreed to keep the secret. Really though, Boshwitz leaving T.O. was only a secret to one man, for the sake of privacy we'll call this individual B. Colangelo... wait that's too obvious, let's call him Bryan C. Chris you clever girl! You fooled the president and G.M. into thinking you might stay, he didn't trade you, and now Raps fans
are left with nothing but memories of sweet lefty J's, skinny-ass dunks, and 11 total playoff games in 7 years. Time to digress. Pairing CB1 with KD is pure fantasy gold. FT% is going to be sparkling, and the expectation of less #s more efficiency from Bosh suits KD's "world on my shoulders" game nicely. Bosh could very well shoot 60% from the field this year, and may be motivated to play some defense (in one year at G Tec he blocked 67 shots in 31 games), with Bron and Condo flying around backboarding mafuckas like it's going out of style. One of the great questions this year is why does everybody hate Chris, I mean, what to expect from Chris? Don't let the tiny dreadless head fool you, he's still a beast.

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