Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Round 3, Pick 27

27. Tyreke Evans
(Joins CP3 and D12)

This team is going to be straight, with the addition of "Too Easy" to CP3 and D12 (hands down the best at their position, in reality ball) this threesome is the non-animated equivalent of Mutant Atomic Supermen. With a dominant bigman/ littleman combination already on board, and steals-dimes-boards-blocks aplenty, Tyreke's 20-5-5 game is tailor made for this team. Who else put up at least 20-5-5 their rookie year?? Why only Michael, Oscar and Bron... no biggie. This team COULD use some tres, and the kid might not rain 3s like vintage swingmen JoJohn or Manu, but who gives a flying fuck, time to celebrate.

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