Sunday, October 10, 2010

Round 3, Pick 28

28. Monta Ellis
(Joins Danny Granger and Carmelo Anthony)

With most of the juicy point guard ass already off the board, It's time to invest in Monta "Juicy Point Guard Ass" Ellis. Sure he's got Stephan "Juice Point Ass" Curry to contend with, but hell, Monta was 1337 in steals last year while providing a....Kobe esque?...25/5/5ish kind of game. He add a three (77 in 64 games) but was very un-kobe with his near 4 To's a game and meager 75% from the line. Health and Curry, of course, are concerns, but Monta will still get his and play 75+ games. And with this guy banging inside, maybe he'll get his FG% up. No promises, but l)l_ll)3 7#3y35 i5 6()/|//|/@ 8l()|/|/ l_ll* 7l-li5 j3@l2! Seriously!

(Look at how relaxed he is ladies...)

1 comment:

  1. huge chea on the 1337 drop. chea.