Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drinking and Drafting: Part One

I did too often what I told myself I would only do a couple of times this drafting season: Get drunk and draft.

First up a look at the H2H team (14 teams, 9 cats) I drafted last night, 6 biertje deep.

I mean look at this team. I loathe it. Sickens me. Downright sickens me. In the morning I couldn't even bring myself to look at it. I picked a shit ton of players I hate. Didn't stick to my pre-draft strategy at all and took 4 point guards and David West in the first 5 rounds. Channing Frye was my first center? What the fuck happened there? Ah well, If nothing else this team should be healthy in 3's, assists, FT% and steals. But that's what happens when I try to afford myself a few moments of alcoholic clarity in fantasy. I draft all guards. Fuck it. I'm in 8 leagues this year and upon further review I got at least 3 players I like. Devin Harris, Bargnani and Roy Hibbert. All healthy young studs who don't mind tipping one back.
Next up I'm gonna take a look at the Keeper league team I own that's going into it's 5th year of mediocrity. Did I get three sheets to wind for this one? or did I play it cool and take Stephan Jackson like I told myself I would? Grab a stout and find out.

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