Monday, October 25, 2010

Here We Go 10/11

As opening night approaches, the Bear is shitting its proverbial pants with anticipation. I know you feel it too, the pressure, the anxiety, the yearning. Our job is to ease the transition into the madness of the season, and the first and most obvious way to do so is to see what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are doing to support Condo in his current custody battle. Hmmm, very disturbing, yet hardly surprising.

Next plan of action is to peep a few 'could-be' gems who are currently flying under the radar.

Arron Afflalo?
aka JR Smith's usurper
43% from deep. No lies. That's 8th in the league from beyond in preseason. Total averages preseason looking like 20.7 points, 2.3 treys, 4.3 rebounds, and 2.7 assists. That could skyrocket him into top 10 value people, and certainly bury any hope JR Smith has of maintaining a starter spot this year.

James Harden
my boy
Succulent, youthful, prime rib roto veil is just spilling out of OKC's game plan this year. Harden is certainly a dynamo from deep, and Durant has plans this year of taking the Thunder to the elite plateau, lets all just assume Harden is gonna play an integral part in this. All these OKC boys look solid in preseason, even Ibaka, its an exciting time to be a manager.

Sheldon Williams
think deep, think Sheldon
Injuries to Chris Anderson and Kenyon Martin broadened Sheldon's play time to approx 28min a game in preseason, and the big guy didn't disappoint. After being a virtually useless asshole last year, he's achieved pseudo preseason glory with averages of 12.6 points on 57-percent shooting, 7.9 boards, 0.9 steals, and 0.7 blocks, hardly scoff able numbers from the power forward.

Carlos Delfino
still cannot speak english
I know what your thinking, but seriously, he was a monster in the final 3 months of last years season, he stroked 134 treys in 66 games on the year (yeah I know, it was on 365 attempts, thats 1 attempt for every calender day of the year), and he did this all while Jennings, John Salmons and greasy Andrew Bogut were healthy. Michael Redd is pretty much fucking dead, if not literally then in the hearts of 99% of fantasy GM's, and Maggette is injured currently, leaving the starting SF spot open for our boy Delf for the time being.

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