Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Round 1, Pick 12

12. Deron Williams

Team 12 breezes into the end of the first round with the sexiest point guard still available. Sure his steals won't ever match his esteemed class mates steals. They might not even match up with all those apples I stole at work today. But seeing as how there's only about a half dozen guards in the draft who provide dimes with firm, red skin and delicious, efficient percentages that feel ripe when you squeeze them, it's terribly important to get on that shit early. Having said all that, there is a school of thought about Al Jefferson being an offensive black hole, drawing all the sweet dates everyone else has picked into his own basket. Fuck em. D-will is a baller and he'll provide a harvest of stats the likes of which that fruit orchard you work at has never seen.

Next up: Team 12 tests the effects of Zero-Gravity on mock drafting!

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