Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Round 1, Pick 11

11. David Lee

If team 9 isn't mad at Pau then the bottom feeders at round 11 are borderline gay with David Lee. Not only does David Lee Roth belong to the same boisterous 20-10 club as Pick 10, upcoming pick Amare 'Stat'oumire and 'major marijuana supplier' Zach Randolph, his assists per game have increased to a shade under 4 bangers. Unlike the more favorable Josh Smith coming in at 10, Davey hasn't been able to muster up a block a game in any of his professional seasons, although within the last 2 years he has solidified a steal per, you gotta like that, and 81 games played in each of his last 3 years is highly tempting. Now if you've owned David before and you're still pissed at Isiah Thomas for raping his playing time early on, then im sure theres frenzied panic running through your head regarding what Don Nelson is gonna do, but at Pick 11, the time for David Lee is now.

If Don Nelson see's this he's gonna trip.

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