Friday, September 10, 2010

Round 2, Pick 13

13. A'ma're Stoude'mire

Team 12 is looking like a winner by pairing up STAT with Dwilliams. Amare is a healthy? young stud who should flourish in Mike D'Antoni's hi-octane, New Yolk offense. David Lee is out, Harrington is out, Anthony Randolph is in. Wilson Chandler is a douche and Gallinari is a guitar playing rooster. None of this should effect Stats minutes. Expect his usual 20+ points along with 9+ boards and reeedikulus FG%. However, he might just stop playing defense entirely, freeing himself up to cherry pick under the oppositions basket and register a career low in blocks. And Why the fuck not? No one has registered 82 blocks in a season for the Knicks since Dikembe Mutombo played 23 minutes per game back in odd4. So really, Why the fuck not?

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