Thursday, April 1, 2010

Percentages : The Luck Factor

The road to championship is paved with often unthinkable variables. Sometimes Joe Johnson will black out for 26pts and 66% from da floor, sometimes in a completely conscious start with 35 minutes he'll go 5 for 18. Percentages are always close in the home stretch of a white knuckled winning season. Luck unfortunately plays a roll in certain times like these, but it would be nice to compound some reliable shooting numbers that would ideally put your sorry ass over the top. Am I right? Lets have a quick look at some nice %'s in the last 10 days.

Dwighty remains the beast of the key, and the last 10 days have been no different. Averaging 19.2 on 67%. 6th in the league on the year, this man-child needed a quick shoutout.

Previously mentioned Eiffel Tower enthusiast Ronny Turiaf may have only taken 46 shots in the last 10 games that he's played(and only averaging 7pts per) but his percentz equal D12 from the floor. Every day with Don Nelson is a day in the unknown, so PT is unchartable, but if you need a quick fix of FG then Turok - Don Nelson Hunter is your man.

Sonny Weems of the Jay Triano's is reminiscent of a slightly more productive Turiaf, and he seems to be getting his foot in the door now that Turkoglu is out on maternity leave.

Canadian / Haitian Samuel Dalemblock isnt the powerhouse he was at the start of the year (in fact he recently went on a 5 game rejectionless streak) but if your desperate (and didnt draft a GOOD center) his 64% might tickle your package.

Sometimes when i'm talking to Ray Allen, I feel like he's not even listening. Sure he's tugging out 50% in March (a good shit ton of that being 3's) but the peaks & valleys are vast and when it counts, this former 3-point reciprocal seems to goose me.

Reggie Evans has hit 8 of his last 13 shots, and seems to be smiling grotesquely about it.

And finally (for today) Anderson Varajao (whose kodak moment can be viewed here)is goin 63% in the last 10, and despite looking like a goof, he still lays down surprise stats from all corners of the fantasy vortex.

Free throw shooting is adjacent to field goal in terms of importance, next post I expose a few hot shots from the stripe like theyre Manu's scalp (completely exposed... get it???).

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