Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nice Work, David Lee!

He did it. He triple doubled. And what a triple double. Last night Lee, playing in the rough equivalent of an orgy between Sonic the hedgehog and his extremely fast friends, put up a gargantuan 37/20/10 line that made a lot of owners who are down to there last weeks wet there pants with fantasy joy. Davids never been opposed to doing the dishes though. In fact he leads all C's this year in total assists and per game dimes. In January he actually handed out a point guard like 4.7 per game and on the year has dished 5 or more in a game an amazing 21 times! There are virtually no holes in this studs fantasy basketball game, he doesn't block the ball but with efficient %'s (54/80) and a creamy complexion, it's easily overlooked. With Lee being picked up in roughly the 4th-5th round this year, his performance and the summer orgy that will be free agency leaves the question of where to draft next year? He surely leap frogs such old stalwart Pf's like Elton Brand, Rashard Lewis, Shawn Marion, David West, Kevin Garnett, Antawn Jamison and hell Timmy fucking Duncan. He'll also trump young bucks like Lamarcus Aldridge, Al Jefferson and Chris Bosh. Call me crazy but if Lee lands on his feet this summer, your gonna have to draft him like the sure footed 6 category player he his. Ink him up Donnie Walsh, ink the bastard the bastard up.



  2. d-wade , bosh , iggy all with borderline triple dubz in the last 24 hours

  3. But the Knickerbockers lost. Of MJ's 30 tripdubs his team won 24.