Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Get Fucked Ben Gordon!!

You fuckin bum, what the hell happened?? Bro's not exactly what the diminishing Pistons (23-50) had in mind I suppose. After a fantastic two weeks off the start, it looked like homeboy might repeat the 08'-09' season. Riddled with injury and over all shittiness, he twenty nine point sevened it from behind the arc, which is supposed to be this former englishmens specialty (rasual butler = so hot right now). Gordon's a 2.5/1.9 TO/Ast ratio, and averaging less points than his rook year. This behavior will not be tolerated by the Bear. Either way Detroit is fucked I guess, you couldn't even trade Charlie V for Blatche 2 months ago.


  1. ben u fucked me!

  2. lololoololol lmfao rofl this blog is so lololol w00000t!