Friday, March 26, 2010

Where the hell did that come from?? : The Drew Gooden edition

The Clippers have done a A&E style makeover on their bench, yet Rasual (Sulio) Butler remains in the starting 5. Relative no-namer Craig Smith has certainly not been on a tear, but threw down a beefy 25-10-2 while rubbing out 2 steals & 2 blocks, no rhyme nor reason, don't expect this again from Craigy.... ever. Drew Gooden, a recent aquisition for the Clipdogs put down some solid double trouble (17-14) with 50-100 percentiles. Starting minutes could work well with Goody, expect his ownership percentage to increase rapidly if this is a repeat offense.
In the same game, the shortbenched Rockets fought hard, all starters excluding Chuck Hayes (who shouldnt have been there anyways) reached double figures. Ariza flirted with a breathy triple double 18-8-8 (thats alotta 8's foo..) and Aaron Brooks only managed 1 of his 5 three point threats.

While Condo Love had a less than spectacular double double Jermaine O'Neal put in on the offensive work for El Heat last night against the offense-less (seemingly) Bulls. Taj Gibson being the only real sign of life for Chi-Town. Speeking of which, he's fluxuating between nice games all throughout march. Keep an eye on him as a fuckin shit ton of rooks seem to be getting big run in the home stretch (Taj particularly getting 30 min on the reg).

Caron Butler (my only opponent in a head 2 head matchup last evening) destroyed my hopes and dreams with 11-19 from the floor resulting in 25-9-2. Finding his groove with the Mavs? Or still kind of an injury case douche? Readers weigh in next round.

Andre Miller over shadowed Brandon "boy toy" Roy in every respect except playing time, while Camby put up what you want from him, meaty numbers and defense baby. Barea almost killed a kid and Dampier continues to sicken me.

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