Monday, March 29, 2010

Searching the abyss

With just over 2 weeks left it's going down to the wire for some owners (it's a pun! get it?!?!), so here's a list of some potentially available players who could scratch the itch of owners in the deepest leagues over the final two weeks:

Ronny Turiaf

G-State's own Schwarzenegger stalking nemesis is now in the starting lineup for the baby seal clubber of the fantasy universe, and bear favorite, Don Nelson. As we all know minutes will be erratic, but Gonzaga's french connection is still worth a look if you need a big. Dude is a fly-swatter, and could help out in stls and rebs. You won't find scoring here, but he shouldn't hurt the %s as demonstrated in his last 2 contests where he had zero shot attempts prior to going 5/5 from the field and 3/3 from the line. On a note related to Warriors big men and shooting %, looks like Andy Biedrins will go into the books shooting 16% from the line this year... a higher percentage of humans are born with a tail.

Ryan Anderson

With half man- half a season up to his old tricks and Mickael Pietrus out, "systolic" Stan Van is in need of another shooter, and Anderson is more than willing to oblige. In his last 2 he's gone for 19pts 7rebs along with 3.5tres 1stl and half a blk. Those of us who had him for the start of the season, when Shard was suspended for being the least-jacked athlete to ever get knocked for performance enhancers, know very well this guy can put up some juicy digits when he plays.

Rodrigue Beaubois

Anyone who's seen a small sample size of Roddy this year knows he can ball, and knows he's going to be fun to watch. What you did not know is that on March 27th 2010 the sky would open up and he would bomb 9 of 11 tres on G-State, reducing Oakland to a pile of rubble. Once the terror was over and the dust had settled the line looked like this: 40pts 8rebs 3ass' 9tres 3blks and 1to. Read back that last part, with the Mavs headed for the second season look for Beast-Rod to get some run in order to save the legs (or wings) of the jet, and eternal fantasy milf J-Kidd.

Jordan Hill

In his first game back from a sprained ankle, Jill logged 26min for the pocket rockets. He put up an uninspiring 8 and 6 but the minutes are what's important here. If the rook continues to see around 25 he should be a nice big man add. If he has any pride at all, and if there is a god, Jordan "bobby-cypress" Hill will be stealing playing time from diseased fantasy invalids Chuck Hayes, Jared Jeffries and David Andersen, and be putting up helpful numbers for those desperate bastards still searching the wire and playing for something... curse you.

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