Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nice Work Jrue Holiday!

Is this mafucka fo reel? Email research by us bears would indicate that 76.4% of you loyal readers say no. Fortunately for Jube-Jrue, we at the Bear say YES! Considerable PT increases this march have led to sexual eruptions all over the dance floor, ahem.. ball court. Split stats not so impressive thus far (7.5pts, 2.6rebs, 3.2ast), especially considering the vortex of studly rook guards this year, but march numbers paint a different picture. A much sexier picture. 13.5pts, 4.5rebs, 5ast and 1.6 thefts per. Just about doubled his production with the right mpg. This demon even conjured up 15-4-7 with 2 sneak attack steals tonight! Especially with Lou 'Bega' Williams sidelined, Jrue Holiday will continue to run rampant across your respective fantasy night total.

Chris Kaman looks like a young athletic Gary Busey.

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