Monday, March 22, 2010

Oklahoma City Keepers

The thickness & the sickness, when were talkin keepers / investments in the fantasy world, OKC might just be luminaries in this department. With all the hot young talent on this roster, the (former Winnipeg) Thunder have only the Memphis Grizzlies (marc 'centra' gasol, rudy gay, ron ron brewdaddy, zach randolph & yeah, ok... conley) to rival them in beastly fantasy youth dominance. The Durantula is no secret, former Longhorner gets ingnorant on a nightly basis, scoring under 20 points only twice since Dec 19th. Like I said, no secret. Russell Westbrook exploded onto his 2nd year with creamy averages of 16.4pts - 5rebs - 8asts. Boards from a PG? You bet your ass. Averaging a steal and a half per as well. Even if he moves he'll do well, I can only imagine the damage he'd do in a point guard centric system ie: Portland / New Orleans. Jeff Green is no stranger to this blog either, lots of minutes, lots of production. Low risk - high reward. And before his hamstring sidelined him, James Harden appeared on the verge. Seems anytime he kicks around for +20min he makes an impact. He's gonna be a good shooter (especially from downtown), I can feel it in my loins. Harden might not be a keeper this year but he's doin his best to stay in our hearts. I'll give a 100% on keepage of Jeff/Russ/Duranty Panty. These youngsters have no where to go but up, and the future is so bright Russell Westbrook needs to wear shades to practice. (thanks gimme da rock)

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